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Travel Nursing: Planning the Next 13 Weeks

Travel nurses tend to live their lives 13 weeks at a time. As you get settled into your assignment, it is important to start to plan out your next 13 weeks. Will you go home for a few weeks? Will you renew your contract where you are at and stay put for another 13 weeks? Will you go somewhere completely different? Travel Nurse Express advises for you to begin thinking about where you are going next early because it will provide for the most career opportunities. For example, are you a compact license holder and just planning to work in the compact states? Are you going to go to a state that might take 6 to 8 weeks for you to get a nursing license? Is climate and time of year going to impact your decision? Does your travel company have assignments wherever you want to go next? The bottom line is that there is a significant amount of variables that can impact the next 13 weeks. Early planning and preparation will serve the best opportunities.