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The Top 5 Reasons Nurses Choose Travel Nursing

There are many reasons nurses consider travel nursing. At Travel Nurse Express, we see nurses chose this career path for five primary reasons:

  1. Financial. It is no secret that travel nurses are well paid. In addition to great compensation, many assignments offer completion bonuses and quick start bonus for nurses that have experience in high demand specialties. Most travel companies pay their nurses weekly and some even offer daily pay via a debit card. Some nurses even qualify for tax free reimbursements (stipends / per diems) which put more money into nurse's hands tax free.
  2. Experience. Some nurses become a travel nurse to gain experience and bolster their resume. Travel nursing assignments are available in some of the nation's most prestigious hospitals offering the best healthcare in the world. Nurses can work side by side with some of the nations most knowledgeable and highly regarded professionals.
  3. Adventure. Some nurses are just free spirited mavericks and want to live life to the fullest degree. Nurses wanting excitement and adventure will not be disappointed in travel nursing. Travel nursing assignments are available from the sandy white pristine beaches to the snow capped mountains and all things in between.
  4. Relocation. For nurses that are looking to relocate, travel nursing allows nurses to implement the "try it before you buy it" method. Nurses can travel and find out which states or locations they truly like the best before making the financial and emotional investment of moving permanently and growing roots.
  5. Visiting Friends and Family. Travel nursing is perfect for nurses wanting to visit their friends and family. Travel nursing companies have the flexibility to provide housing or more money of lieu of housing if the travel nurse chooses to stay with their friend of family. Travel nursing is traditionally 13 weeks in duration, although some assignments can be found in 4 or 8 week intervals. Travel nursing lets nurses have an extended visit with their friends and family by providing jobs nearby where nurses can apply their profession.

Perhaps your reason for travel nursing is different than those listed above. That would not be surprising to us at Travel Nurse Express. Travel nursing is diverse and offers nurses a career that is not only portable, but rewarding.